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The Artist, The Performer, The musician, The experimenter

Meek is a multi-disciplinary artist who loudly supports the strange, the macabre, the provocative, the rough, and the rowdy.

Passionate about issues such as body image & eating disorders, addiction & mental health, and LGBTQ+ rights, he creates art that confronts social and political problems in a deeply personal way. He firmly believes that art should ignite a reaction and tell a truth and that these reactions and truths do not always need to be happy, cheerful, or pleasant. He strongly believes that sometimes the most important art is uncomfortable.

Meek's work possesses a rawness and intimacy that comes from exploring these profound and often personal themes, inviting people to open a fierce dialogue. He strives to open minds; to educate; to create awareness; to bring to light the things people keep in the dark in both an abstract way and a viscerally forward way. His work does not stay confined in one box. Embracing the flawed, the messy, and the chaotic, Meek defies limiting social prescriptions through his photos, his words, his performances and more; stimulating questions and critical conversations.

He has shown his work in a variety of places including Randezvous with Madness, Long Winter, and Feminist Art Conference. He also sits on the committee for both Workman Arts and Long Winer.



Festivals, Events, and Projects

Meek loves to make events and projects become a reality. He focusses on creating an environment that's as much fun as it is efficient and organized. Knowing when to get down to business and when to allow time to breathe and laugh, Meek excels in his ability to communicate and delegate tasks to those under his charge. He is also a big fan of spreadsheets, schedules, and extremely organized emails and inboxes.

Meek has worked and continues to with several organizations including TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Indie Week, NXNE, Regent Park Film Festival, Summerworks, Long Winter, Workman Arts & More. 



Professional Loudmouth. Amateur Human.

Born in Kitchener Ontario. Meek spent a huge portion of his young teenage life on the streets and vagabonding throughout various places in the United States and Canada. In and out of hostels and shelter systems, his growing years certainly hold a lot of stories. Some funny, some frightening.

Settling in Toronto around 2011, Meek began his journey of healing and recovering through art, performance, and supporting the things he loves with his loud voice, large personality, and clear comunication skills.


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