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The Full Story

Misha "Meek" Bauer

Any Pronoun. Androgyne & Gender Fluid. Neurodivergent.

Front of House Staff & Manager, Independent Production Manager and Stage Manager. Emerging Director, Producer, Movement Artist, and instructor. Occasional Ambient Noise Maker. Mental Health, Addictions & Eating Disorder Advocate with living experience.


About Meek

With a fierce love for festivals and events, Meek has an abundance of experience in Front of House with a handful of years in production management and volunteer coordination, and has recently stepped into the world of stage management. From film festivals and theatre to dance and music events, Meek has a diverse background. 

As a performer, Meek is a fat, mad, disabled, and queer multidisciplinary artist focused on -- but not limited to -- performance art and dance. His work tells real stories by those who've experienced them and often lives in the realm of the viscerally provocative, intimate, and raw. As an artist, Meek believes that art should ignite a reaction and tell a truth and that these reactions and truths do not always need to be happy, cheerful, or pleasant.

A contemporary and abstract dance and movement artist who inhabits a fat body, Meek approaches dance from both an embodied position and a curious position, asking what CAN he do instead of dwelling on what they cannot currently do. This method of dance and movement art allows her to connect with their body holistically and nonjudgmentally and makes dance more than an expression and artform but a tool of healing and teaching.


From years three to eight, Meek was enrolled in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet at Dimensions in Dance (Kitchener, ON). They went to an arts-focused high-school (Eastwood Collegiate) where she took the Dance program and has since focused on growing through various peer mentorships. Meek prides itself on being mostly self and peer taught having consciously and purposefully departed from what can often be harmful institutional methods of learning.

In the world of music, they are known as SH1VV3R (it/its). An AI from 1995. It's "music" is more of a cataclysmic experience of sounds and noise than what one might traditionally call music. It creates a base of reckless noise, then adds in often physical instruments that range from actual instruments to smashing toasters, banging cheese graters together, and screaming.

​Every now and then SH1VV3R actually makes something sort of like a song but not really, and occasionally it records base sound noise for people to enjoy (?) or not.

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