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Founder & Director

Meek is plus-sized, trans, and mad multidisciplinary artist with a long winding history in the production side of the arts & entertainment world. He's originally from Kitchener, ON and moved to Toronto in 2011. As a young child, he was involved in dance however was chased out due to poverty and expectations on his body. Meek now uses movement art, performance art, and music as a healing and truth speaking tool, expressing personal realities to audiences in potent and sometimes uncomfortable ways. He is a self-taught artist preferring to learn from peers and workshops to large institutions that control the narrative of what is and is not art.

His latest performance piece entitled The Closet was debuted at Rendezvous With Madness in 2019 where he created ambient music, dressed a room as his “closet” (the things he hides from the world) and sat naked in the back of the room where observers would come in, observe the closet, and write their judgements of him on his skin. This experience along with discussions within the dance and theatre community served to further spark his drive to share stories about bodies and the complexities surrounding them.

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