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Welcome superheroes!

Maybe you're a nerd at heart or simply looking for a fun way to start your fitness journey there is a space for you here. No gatekeepers allowed. All bodies welcomed. Always.

If you're curious to learn more, continue reading or consider joining a free drop in!


    Realistic coaching

    I'll be the first to admit that I don't always have the answers and recognize that health & fitness is a personal journey. It's never one size fits all!


    Just like you, I too am learning and growing along the way. I don't have a six pack. There are some exercises I can't do for long or terribly fast. Sometimes I eat a whole pint of ice cream or destroy an entire pizza.

    As Boywonderful, I'm interested in coaching from a place of lived experience. I know the struggle with body image. I've tried all sorts of diets, I've gone through all types of "lifestyles". I coach from a real, authentic, and occasionally comedic place. Cause let's be honest, sometimes lunges fucking suck!

    Body Positive

    Body, spirit, and mind are intertwined in a gloriously beautiful relationship. We're talking the OG thruple. Ditch the idea that your body is just a meatsack. It's one of many things that work TOGETHER to make up the fucking incredible person that is you. 

    Health & fitness isn't just about losing weight. Sometimes it's not about that at all. And no, what weight you're at right now does NOT determine whether weight loss should be your fitness priority. YOU do. 

    I'm here to motivate you in the place that you ARE so you can move toward being where you want to be, wherever that is.


    I'm so excited to have you with us! This journey isn't one that needs to be ventured alone. Our live chat is friendly and welcoming. Workouts start about fifteen minutes prior to go time so come hang out before breaking a sweat!

    We are all in this together. No matter your starting point. No matter your history with health and fitness. There is a place for you. So buckle up, hero. You've got a whole super team at your side.

    Ready to level up? Becoming a patron helps support the sustainability of this work as well as unlocks cool perks, so check out membership for more information!


    services & Classes

    Services & Classes
    About meek

    My name is Meek, welcome to my journey! I'm a movement & performance artist with a history in Muay Thai and dance. I've experienced body image issues and an eating disorder my entire life. I've been small, I've been large, and now I am learning to accept myself and cherish the incredible abilities my awesome body has. I'm here to coach people in a way that's real and experienced. Not everyone's journey is about losing weight. So whether you wanna move your butt for health reasons, to feel happier, to increase muscle and endurance, to find community, lose weight, gain weight, or just have fun, this place is for you.



    Your body is not a project, it is your partner. Meek emphasizes this every step of the way no matter whether you are training with him one-on-one, in a small group, in a class online or in person. We workout because we want to; because it makes us feel good; because we have fun and enjoy it. The why is not important to anyone other than yourself.

    Meek offers various services and classes including:

    - Cardio, Aerobics & Endurance

    - Toning & building muscle through bodyweight

    - Weightlifting

    - Stretching & Flexibility

    - Boxercise

    These can be requested for a small group, one-on-one, or sometimes run as a sign-up group. To learn more about his ongoing FREE online series, check out The Wondercrew.

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    Currently On Hiatus

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