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and his many endeavors

September Long Winter Show 2021


Festivals, Events, Productions and Projects

With 10+ years of Front of House experience, 4+ years of production management and volunteer coordination, and a recent dive into Stage Management, Meek lives and breathes festivals, productions, and special events. From film festivals to music festivals, dance productions to theatre productions, he focuses on creating an environment that's as much fun as it is efficient and organized. 

Meek is the main Director and Producer within his collective, #CreateDangerously. He has been a stage hand for various gigs around Toronto with knowledge of building truss, rigging lights, and building stages. Among the myriad of previous experiences, Meek has also been a 1st AD and Art Director for a variety of independent film productions.

Some of the festivals and companies he has and continues to work for include but are not limited to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Hot Docs, Indie Week, NXNE, Regent Park Film Festival, Summerworks, Long Winter, Workman Arts, Ismailova Theatre of Dance & More. 



Be Bold. Live Proud. Create Dangerously.

Meek is a fat, mad, disabled and queer multidisiplinary artist focused on -- but not limited to -- performance art and dance.

His works tells real stories by those who've experienced them and lives in the realm of the viscerally provocative, intimate, and raw. As an artist, Meek believes that art should ignite a reaction and tell a truth and that these reactions and truths do not always need to be happy, cheerful, or pleasant.

Exploring these profound and often personal themes, Meek invites people to engage in a fierce dialogue. He strives to open minds; to educate; to create awareness; to bring to light the things people keep in the dark.

He has shown his work in a variety of places including Rendezvous with Madness, Long Winter, and Feminist Art Conference. He also sits on the committee for both Workman Arts and Long Winter.

Artist in light with seran wrap


It's like isotonic tones but more annoying and loud

Known as SH1VV3R (it/its). An AI from 1995. It's more of a cataclysmic experience of sounds and noise when it performs than what one might traditionally call music. Creating a base of reckless noise, he then adds in often physical instruments that range from actual instruments to smashing toasters, banging cheese graters together, and screaming.

Every now and then SH1VV3R actually makes something sort of like a song but not really, and occasionally it records base sound noise for people to enjoy (?) or not.

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Professional Loudmouth. Amateur Human.

Born in Kitchener, Ontario. Meek had something of a turbulent housing and parental situation right from the start. To cope, he turned to music, art, performance, and dance. Mid to late teenagehood, Meek spent a lot of time on the streets and vagabonding throughout various places in the United States and Canada. In and out of hostels and shelter systems, his growing years certainly hold a lot of stories well into this mid 20's. Some funny, some less so. Nevertheless, they left an impression.


Settling in Toronto around 2011, Meek returned to movement & art after tip-toeing in various other mediums. He began his journey of healing and recovering through these practices, and began to once again give voice to the things he loves with his loud, large personality, clear communication, and incredible organization skills.

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