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#CreateDangerously is more than just a hashtag or tagline.

It is a movement. It is a statement. It is a truth.

Art is for many people a weapon. It is a way to connect with the deeper truths of themselves and that which they see in the world. It is a method of communication from an authentic and expressive place; a path into the inner sanctum of their being, of their believes, of their reality. It is to make change, to inspire, to heal, and to challenge. It is to bring forward difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. It can be vulnerable. It can be ugly. It can be dangerous.

Whether through visual art, dance, performance, music, photography or more, #CreateDangerously is for those who refuse to apologize to a society that tells them to shut up and fit in. It is for those who will not sit down, will not be silenced, who will not let the world tell them who they are and who they should be.

Join the collective. Join the movement.


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